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NP 4-Waste compacts mixed soft waste in a special 370 litres waste bin, rolled in on wheels.
Open the door to load the waste material into the roller bin, close the door and the waste is compacted automatically.
When the bin is full, just remove it and put an empty one into the compactor.

NP 4W saves transport costs and simplifies daily work.
NP 4W has a very low noise level 57 dB(A).
A normal conversation corresponds to approximately 60 dB (A).

  • Perfect for waste from fast-food restaurants.
  • It is easy and safe to work with - fast, efficient and silent-running.
  • The NP4W with one waste bin replaces up to 4 x ordinary 660 litres waste bins.
  • A smal foot print and below 2 meter.
  • Efficient sorting near source.

Downloadable files

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