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A very cost-efficient step towards effective logistics by using sorting at source.
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the maintenance of balers

We recommend a regular yearly check of every baler for function and safety reasons. Preventive maintenance considerably increases the life span of the baler. We provide service and maintenance through our agents/representatives, which have a thoroughly education from our work shop. They have access to our original spare parts and equipment, an important choice for keeping quality and fulfil safe operation.

For optimal use of NättrabyPressen

Correct amperage for power supply
Correct placing of baler and check of material flow
Correct type of bale strapping rolls, depending on type of baler and material
Adaptations of feed door opening, bale height, press power, turning time etc.
A user demonstration for staff in conbination with the maintenance
Use NättrabyPressen in a safe and efficient way for best result

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Yes – by opening the feed door/main door when the press ram is in lower position,
the press cycle can be interrupted and bale ejection be done.
It should only be done exceptional, and with extra caution.
This presumes that there is compacted material in the press chamber.

On ceramis fuses there is usually a snail, which means that the fuse is of time delay type.
At fuse problems, check that all three fuses are OK. For balers we always recommend fuses of time delay type, or MCB (miniature Circuit Breaker) class D, for uninterrupted operation.

Säkring 16A trög

No, this should be avioded. The resultat might be a worse bale.
To tear the cartons is common when using a multi chamber press, where the feed volume is reduced.
This ”bad habit” could be hard to get rid of when changing into a front-loaded NP baler.

Ten (10) m3 means about 150-200 kg cardboard. How many bales this equals is of course depending on the size of baler but using an NP80 this means one bale.
Source: Renhållningsverksföreningen: Corrugated paper (folded cartons 30 Kg/m3 +/- 5%) 00.11.21.

This applies especially at compaction of plastics, when more air is squeezed out of the material.
By means of the screw drive in our NP balers the material can be hold under pressure without using electricity!
We call this function ”Stay ´n Hold” and it can be programmed on all our newer balers, giving heavier bales.

Put the boxes with bottom up and distribute them in the press chamber.


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