Our staff, with high skills and long experience, work dedicated to achieve the best solution of waste handling. We know that effective waste sorting needs the right equipment. The continuous development of our balers has always taken place in close co-operation with the end users, which has given us the unique knowledge and experience of compacting and volume reducing a wide range of materials.

All our products are designed and manufactured in Sweden.

A tradition of exports

We export 70-80% of our products, through sales representatives all over the world.
NättrabyPressen is a range of carefully chosen size of balers, which can be combined and adapted to several types of waste.

Different voltages available, from 230 to 690 V.
We use components from global world class suppliers.


Nättraby Verktygs AB (NVA) was established in 1964 at Nättraby. Since then, we have been developing and producing thousands of balers. We are proud to see that even balers from the 60-70´s still are in use and going strong!

We have built many different products, but today we are fully focused on the new NP series, which with its unique electro-mechanical drive results in a baler that is silent-running, easy to operate and delivers high capacity on a minimum of floor space.

We are today located at Ronneby, a small town in Blekinge in south-east of Sweden.

To save resources gives results!

Labor-saving, time-saving, space saving, reducing shipping costs and environmental impact!

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