NP 100-II, now even more effective! The further development of our popular NP100, with even higher capacity on a smaller floor space. NP 100-II is even more easy to work with, more silent-running and powerful than ever. Our largest baler, with high capacity for both paper/cardboard and plastics.


A new version of our best-seller BP80/NP80, produced in thousands and distributed all over the world. Total height below 2 m and a large feed opening - NP80-II is characterized by being easy to use effectively.


NP60-II is quiet, quick and only 1,85 m high! It has 50% more capacity than NP40-II. Can easily be located/relocated by a pallet truck. Material that can be compacted is paper, carton, cardboard, plastics etc.


NP40-II is fast and silent-running, with a height of only 1,79 m! NP40 is the smallest in our range of balers but has the same good features and safety standard as the larger ones. Very appreciated at confined spaces. Easy to handle, has built-in ejection device and gives high capacity thanks to low loading height and generous feed volume.


NP 4-Waste compacts mixed soft waste in a special 400 litres waste bin, rolled in on wheels. Perfect for waste from fast-food restaurants.


NP10 is a manual press, easy to use for compaction of plastic foil and other soft plastics. It is equipped with lockable castors and can easily be moved where it is needed, with no use of electricity.


A special edition of the NP80-II. It has the same dimensions as the standard machine, but it has special adaptations for materials that expand and to manage the forces that occur. These solutions provide a faster flow and heavier bale weights.

Bag Packer – BP240

BP240 (Bag Packer 240 litres) is intended for collection of soft plastics - fast and simple.

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