NP 10

NP 10
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The NP10 is an easy-to-use manual press, ideal for compacting foil and shrink film.
To compact soft plastic it is important to have a high surface pressure, also a long stroke length and that the material can be hold under pressure for a time.

The NP10 is only powered by manual force, but provides excellent compaction through its smart design, a lever that multiplies the power.
The press plate also holds the material under pressure and squeezes the air out of the plastic. A compaction rate of 10: 1 for plastic.

The NP10 has very low cost of usage, the only consumption parts is the bale strapping rolls.

  • Bale weight 10 - 25 kg
  • Needs less than 0.5 m2 of floor space
  • Can easily be relocated
  • Requires no electricity and can thus be placed in EX-rated spaces

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